Mastering Unique and Complex Property Appraisal

Credit info: This class has been approved by MA, NH, RI & VT  for 18 continuing and 20 hours of qualifying education elective credit. CT approved this course for 18 hrs of qualifying and continuing ed.

This course will raise the level of awareness of the scope of work involved with assignments other than the everyday single-family residential appraisal.
Property types discussed include: mixed-use, unsual, income-producing and one-of-a-kind Learning Objectives include:

  • To better understand how an assignment can become complex and considerations of appraiser competency
  • Recognizing when an assignment is complex and how to proceed in the appraisal process
  • Learning how to apply accepted methodology and techniques in a nontraditional manner for unique and complex properties
  • Creating awareness of how data collection and analysis requires specialized knowledge of specific and general data
  • Understanding how unique and complex properties require the application of appropriate non-traditional valuation methods and techniques
  • Mastering how good logic and judgment are required in thinking through the rationale during the analysis process

Classes Offered:
January 8, 9 & 10, 2009 - Dedham Conference Center - 8:45am - 4:15pm(Bostrom)

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