Fannie Mae Form 1004MC Seminar

Credit info: This seminar has been approved by MA and submitted to NH, VT, CT and RI for 7.0 hours of continuing education residential credit. Recently, Fannie Mae released Fannie Mae Form 1004MC with the requirement it be added to appraisal reports submitted with loan purchases beginning April 1, 2009. The form, also known as the Market Conditions Addendum, is intended to provide the lender with a clear and accurate understanding of the market trends and conditions for properties in the subject neighborhood. The form provides the appraiser with a structured format to report the data and to more easily identify market trends and conditions.
MBREA's Form 1004MC Seminar is a 7-hour seminar designed to train appraisers in the several steps necessary to adequately complete the Market Conditions Addendum. The seminar will teach appraisers:
  • About the sources of data available for analysis
  • How to extract data from multiple sources for analysis
  • Best practices for analyzing various relationships among data
  • How to use Excel to facilitate analysis and reporting
  • How to competently complete Form 1004MC.
Classes Offered:
January 15 2009 - Dedham Conference Center - 8:45am - 4:30pm(Federico)
February 3 2009 - Dedham Conference Center - 8:45am - 4:30pm(Federico)

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